Chica paralizada

This year looked amazing. Between April and July we had planned to go to Lugano, Milano, Prague, Sylt, Amalfi Coast and Gladys’ 50th celebration. After a two-week vacation in February, I was going to search for flights, hotels and things to do on these trips. I had not contemplated Gladys’ phone call saying something suspicious … Sigue leyendo

Family Traditions

My parents are domino champions.  As a kid, every Sunday visit to my grandparents would end with a domino game.  But for the last 10 years, the family game has been Rummikub. We can spend hours playing it, rotating players to give the younger family members a chance at the table.  Since Gladys visited in … Sigue leyendo

The Robot

Cuando yo era chiquita en casa siempre olía a café.  La mañana no comenzaba sin que mis papás se tomaran una buena taza. Mamita realmente se alimentaba de café, porque siempre le ha echado un montón de azúcar y en su tiempo llegó a tomarse sobre 7 tazas al día. Ya entiendo de donde sacaba … Sigue leyendo

Merry flavors

Every country celebrates the holidays in its own way and eating is a big part of the it. Here they bake Güetzli, drink Glühwein and eat Raclette. In Puerto Rico we celebrate with tembleque, pasteles and coquito. This year we will not travel home nor stay home; instead we decided to celebrate in Spanish (although … Sigue leyendo

The Patriot

My son is going through the I Love the USA phase. Partly because of age (didn’t we all think some time that everything coming from the USA was the coolest?) and partly because his newest friend is also a major fan of anything American.  The peak level of his fandom was asking for a birthday … Sigue leyendo

Feeling at home

Wow. It’s been a while since I sat down to blog and so many things have passed. We visited houses to buy. We met with architects to understand renovation costs. We discussed whether if we bought a house that meant we are never going back to Puerto Rico. We considered moving two towns farther down … Sigue leyendo

Sunny Tuesdays

Making friends is never easy and takes time. Add to that a different language and it becomes even harder. So imagine my surprise when during a parents/teacher conference night, about four years ago, a mother seating behind me heard me talking with Marco in Spanish and afterwards asked me, point blank: ¿Eres de Puerto Rico? … Sigue leyendo

Can we become any more Swiss?

Before ever dreaming of moving to Switzerland or marrying a Swiss, I knew of Ricola. I don’t know how or when, but I had used it many times. And I recall its TV spot perfectly, with the man standing on a mountain alp, singing at the top of his lungs : Ricolaaaaaaaa. Now Marco is … Sigue leyendo

Costa Rica, wow!

I have lost count of how many times, I’ve said I come from Puerto Rico and, after a couple of minutes into the conversation, received replies such as: Wow. How come you moved from Costa Rica to Switzerland? or You must miss the weather in Costa Rica.  Granted that they have similar tropical landscapes and … Sigue leyendo

hey, sisters

When I lived in Puerto Rico Oscars’ Night was for me: must see TV. But since moving to Switzerland, I must admit, that I mostly catch up on movies during Transatlantic flights (what else is there to do during a nine-hour trip?). Last week I decided to treat myself to a movie afternoon and, among … Sigue leyendo