Sunny Tuesdays

Making friends is never easy and takes time. Add to that a different language and it becomes even harder. So imagine my surprise when during a parents/teacher conference night, about four years ago, a mother seating behind me heard me talking with Marco in Spanish and afterwards asked me, point blank: ¿Eres de Puerto Rico? … Sigue leyendo

Can we become any more Swiss?

Before ever dreaming of moving to Switzerland or marrying a Swiss, I knew of Ricola. I don’t know how or when, but I had used it many times. And I recall its TV spot perfectly, with the man standing on a mountain alp, singing at the top of his lungs : Ricolaaaaaaaa. Now Marco is … Sigue leyendo

Costa Rica, wow!

I have lost count of how many times, I’ve said I come from Puerto Rico and, after a couple of minutes into the conversation, received replies such as: Wow. How come you moved from Costa Rica to Switzerland? or You must miss the weather in Costa Rica.  Granted that they have similar tropical landscapes and … Sigue leyendo

hey, sisters

When I lived in Puerto Rico Oscars’ Night was for me: must see TV. But since moving to Switzerland, I must admit, that I mostly catch up on movies during Transatlantic flights (what else is there to do during a nine-hour trip?). Last week I decided to treat myself to a movie afternoon and, among … Sigue leyendo

Winter Olympics

While growing up in a tropical island, the closest I had to winter sports was trying to ice skate at a place called El Reino de Hielo (The Ice Kingdom). I remember wearing socks in my hands for when I stumbled and had to place my hands on the ice to carry on. Fast forward … Sigue leyendo

Lighted. Con luz.

The days seem shorter because it gets dark earlier. So around 5pm I am already turning lamps and candles on. Especially now with the Christmas decorations around the house.  I am not alone; the whole city is lighted up and ready for the celebrations. And I can’t help but wonder how will it be, how … Sigue leyendo

Hand-tied. Maniatada.

When you live far from your loved ones, it kills you to know they are struggling and suffering.  There is nothing you can do to restore power or communication. You can only listen while they vent their understandable frustrations. You can relate whatever information you have gathered that they might not yet know but can … Sigue leyendo

an apple a day…

Apples are a big part of Switzerland. They are legendary thanks to national hero Wilhelm Tell* and, according to consumption patterns, their favorite fruit.**  And while on average, the Swiss are engaged in 3.2 different sports and walking boots and a backpack are almost a requirement for citizenship…. some consider a portion of french fries … Sigue leyendo

la reinvención no para

Estar abierto a la reinvención es clave para adaptarse a vivir en un nuevo país. A veces esta se da casi sin darnos cuenta, mientras que en otros momentos, hay que tomar el toro por los cuernos para acelerarla.  Lo importante es no perdernos en el proceso. Me explico. Comenzar a escribir este blog me … Sigue leyendo

Mi primer Velo-tour

La bicicleta y el casco que me regalaron Marco y Marcello hace más de un año (o dos) llevaban casi un año  (o año y medio) guardados en el garage, cogiendo literalmente telarañas. Mientras mi hijo soñaba con hacer un velo-tour,* como sabe que ha hecho su padrino Simón con sus hijos y otros amigos, … Sigue leyendo